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Electrical FAQ

What’s Your Electrical Problem?
  • Q:Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?

    A:A tripping circuit breaker can mean a number of different things. In most cases, this simply means you have too many things plugged into that particular circuit. Each device is going to draw a particular amount of current, and if you draw more current through a breaker than it is designed to allow, the breaker will trip and shut off. This is most common in rooms like your kitchen, where a number of high-energy devices might be in use at the same time. However, a constantly-tripping breaker may also mean you have an unintentional short or ground in your line. It could also mean your circuit breaker itself has gone bad (which happens over time). In either case, we advise calling an electrician to have the issue inspected.

  • Q:Why do I keep experiencing static shocks?

    A:A static shock is typically caused by excessive friction building up. This can be caused by rubbing your feet on the carpet, putting on clothes that have just come out of the dryer, or even walking inside after being outside on a windy day. Dry air also tends to cause excessive static buildup. However, you won’t really be able to tell if you have built up static electricity until you touch a grounded piece of metal and the energy escapes (sometimes rather painfully). However, static shocks are not typically a sign of an issue with your electrical system. With that being said, if you seem to get a mild or minor shock every time you touch a particular appliance or electrical device, the issue may not be static buildup. This is a sign that your device’s power connection might be grounding itself onto the frame. Shut off the power to this appliance and have it inspected right away.

  • Q:Why are my ceiling fixtures hot?

    A:Any light fixture is going to produce heat, including energy-efficient LED lights. Over time, these fixtures can produce quite a bit of heat, so a hot feeling isn’t unusual. This is particularly true for fixtures that use incandescent-style bulbs or even older halogen bulbs. However, if your fixtures start to feel incredibly hot almost immediately, then you may have a grounding issue. This means you should call an electrician right away, as continuing to use that fixture could result in a fire.

  • Q:Why are my lights flickering?

    A:Flickering lights can happen, particularly if you turn on a device that uses a ton of current somewhere else in your home (like your vacuum cleaner or microwave). A small amount of flickering generally isn’t something to worry about, but constant or significant flickering may be a sign of a wiring problem. Flickering could also mean that your circuit breaker may be an issue, or that a particular circuit isn’t necessarily capable of carrying the amount of electrical current flowing through it. The best way to get to the bottom of a light flickering issue is to call for an inspection and diagnostic right away.

  • Q:Why don’t my switches or outlets work?

    A:The number one reason all of your switches and outlets in a particular room don’t work is simply that your circuit breaker has tripped. Head out to your electrical panel, look for the label with the impacted room name on it, and check to see if the breaker has flipped into either the “tripped” or “off” position. Turn the breaker all the way off, wait for a second, and then switch it all the way on. The power to that room should be restored. However, if the breaker immediately shuts off again, call an electrician for an inspection, as you may have a bigger problem. Another reason your outlets and switches might not be working, particularly in your bathrooms or kitchen, is that your GFI might have tripped. To fix this, find the outlet with two buttons in the middle of it and press the one labeled “reset.” The button should stay pressed and the power to your outlets should be restored. If it does not, call an electrician for help, as you may have a major problem with your wiring.

  • Q:Why do I smell a burning odor?

    A:A burning odor is typically a sign that electricity is either grounding somewhere that it shouldn’t or that excessive current could be creating a major heat buildup in a particular wire, resulting in the shielding melting and burning. This is a major problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Shut off the power to your home at the main breaker and call an electrician immediately.

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