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Are you building a new addition or have a new construction project in the works? Was your home built decades ago or do you have an electrical system that has not been updated for more than 25 years? My Electric Works offers wiring and rewiring services to ensure the safe operation of your everyday appliances and lighting. Rewiring can also be a beneficial preventive measure to make sure your home is up to code and that all of your outlets and switches are safe.

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Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Rewiring

The need for electrical rewiring may not come about as the result of your entire system breaking down. Instead, you may start to notice the signs of your system wearing down over time. This is especially common in homes that are more than 40 years old because they are often unable to handle their circuits being overloaded by newer appliances.

At My Electric Works, our team specializes in both new and old properties. We have the experience and expertise to replace or repair newer wiring or rewire old knob and tube wiring. This can be especially dangerous and outdated because its lack of a ground wire does not allow for modern three-pronged appliances.

Your home may need to be rewired if:
  • Your lights are constantly dimming or flickering
  • Your circuit breakers frequently trip
  • You've been shocked by touching appliances
  • There's a burning odor in the air without fire present
  • You hear buzzing noises from lights or outlets
  • Your home is over 40 years old
  • You have never had an electrician preform a safety inspection of your home

Trust Us for Your Whole-Home Rewiring

There are many potential hazards of an outdated electrical system, especially if you have aluminum or knob and tube wiring. At My Electric Works, our Columbus electricians strive to eliminate any problems that could put your family's safety at risk. The first step is a thorough inspection to determine whether rewiring is necessary and if so, what the project may entail. You can rely on us to explain exactly what we find and what the benefits of rewiring your home may be.

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