A gray labeled electrical planel

Why Rust In Your Electrical Panel Is Never a Good Thing.

The electrical panel is like the heart of your home or property. It helps supply electricity to all of your switches, outlets, appliances, and more. It’s important to make sure your electrical panel is working properly to ensure efficiency and safety in your home, office, or business. Something that works against your electrical system running its best is rust. In this blog, we’ll explain the dangers of rust in your electrical panel, how it can grow, and what you should do if you find rust in your electrical panel.

What Causes Rust?

Rust is caused when metal is exposed to both moisture and oxygen, causing it to oxidize and become weaker. Most electrical panels have secure covers to ensure that nothing can corrode the material. But, if the cover is not on tight water can drip in which causes the equipment inside of the panel to rust. This can be in the form of water dripping inside or the environment in which the panel is kept has gotten too humid.

What Is The Danger Of Rust?

If you find rust inside of your electrical panel, it is wise to contact a professional electrician immediately to conduct repairs on your panel. The formation of rust will lessen the performance of your home or property's electric system. If the build-up of rust is too great it can cause the system to freeze or not allow a trip to happen if the system is being overrun and overworked. If a trip doesn’t occur, to help slow down the spread of electricity, the system can overheat and possibly lead to a fire.

How We Can Help.

If you find rust in your electrical panel contact My Electric Works at (614) 515-4520! Our team of experts is here to help diagnose the problem and offer solutions in the form of repairs or upgrades. We’ll be able to diagnose your issue and guide you through the next steps to help prevent the growth of rust. Our team will help keep you safe while ensuring you have an electrical system that is running at the top of its game.